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Dear Santa
What I want for Christmas

A few of Santa's beautiful little helpers tell us what they asked Santa for this Christmas.

Having traveled around the World many times over, photographed from the most exotic locations, and walked the runways for major designers, you would think these models would ask Santa for some rather extravagant gifts. Yet, these beauties just keep it pretty simple.






Dear Santa,

" I would like The Kate Moss book for Christmas"

I want to also wish everyone a Merry Christmas





Dear Santa,

" All I wanted was to adopt a dog! Although, I got him before Christmas! But, It counts as my special Christmas present for this year!"

(Here is Aline's instagram photos with her Christmas puppy Rocky)

Beijos Merry Christmas







Dear Santa,

" I want a poacher and a notebook from my grandmother with all of her recipes!"

Happy Holidays ;)






Dear Santa,

" I want Chanel coco mademoiselle perfume:) and candy"

( Gracie, Candy??? haha)

Merry Christmas .... Grace :)






Dear Santa,

" I would like Rag & Bone jeans and Frye boots :) "

Happy Holidays xo






Dear Santa,

" I'm positive I've asked for Channing Tatum wrapped up in a bow & some Victoria's Secret yoga pants. "

Xx .... Meghan






Dear Santa,

" For Christmas I want PEACE and LOVE xx. "

... Martha



Dec 24 2012

We want to wish all our fans a very Merry Christmas and a BEAUTIFUL new Year !



Jessica Gomes

Aline Weber

Andreea Diaconu

Grace Hartzel

Gigi Hadid

Meghan Wiggins

Martha Hunt